Termite control in bd

Termite control in BD often called white ants although not related to the latter, feed on dead plant material. The problem posed by termites is that given an opportunity they will chew through the walls of the house, unnoticed.

These termite pests live in colonies which consist anywhere from several hundred to thousands of termites. These colonies are similar to those of ants as they consist of soldiers and workers, but differ in terms of semi-mature ones and reproducing males and females.

termite control in bd

The Importance of Termite Control in BD

The biggest threat of termite infestation is the financial loss that may result from a serious attack. Termite damages:

  • Are not usually covered by insurance
  • Have the potential to go unnoticed for a long time resulting in a significant amount of damage being done by the time you discover the attack
  • Depending on the seriousness of the attack, you may lose the entire building
  • Because of more damages to properties in Bangladesh than fires, floods and storms combined!

Preventive Termite Control

The first step of effective Termite control begins with conducting a thorough search of your property to determine the presence of termite attractants. The following strategies help in minimizing termite attacks from the inception of your property.

Usage of gutters, downspouts, and rainwater tanks to ensure water drains away from the property’s foundation

  • In-ground wooden structures such as retaining walls need to be removed
  • Limit or reduce the overall quantity of timber used on the property
  • Areas, where termite control is difficult, would benefit from steel framing
  • Use concrete slabs that are designed properly with exposed edges
  • Facilitate easy under-floor inspection of timber floors
  • Installation of termite shields

Termite Control in BD – How you can help?

Active pest control bd there are some tips for how to termite control in BD.

  • Here are some tips on how you can ensure that your property remains safe from termite attacks:
  • As soon as you notice a roof or plumbing leak, get it fixed
  • In the event you use an evaporative air conditioner, ensure that the drips are directed away from the property. This is applicable to hot water overflow pipes as well
  • Firewood should be stored above the ground and away from the property
  • In the event you discover a termite nest on your property, call for help immediately. Disturbing the nest will only result in subterranean termites fleeing and the termite treatment not being fully effective.