Rodent Control bd

Rodent, when they enter homes or even business premises in search of food and water can fast become pests. They are highly destructive and consume over 20% of the world’s grain supply and contaminate much more. So with rodent control bd, you can control your house rodent at very low cost.

Mice and rats are quite adaptable and common pests around the world, and Dhaka, Bangladesh is no exception. They may invade your home or business premises at any time of the year, mostly during fall and winter. Females tend to give birth to 60 offspring per year and begin reproducing at 5 weeks old! Also, a single mouse can produce more than 50 droppings per day, contaminating food items and stored food products along the way. This makes mouse/ Rodent Control BD an absolute necessity for homes and businesses alike.

The Importance of Rodent Control BD:

These pests are responsible for millions of taka worth of damages each year to buildings, food, documents, food items, and clothing. Other damages that are attributable to mice and rats are holes in siding, foundation disruption and soil erosion (from tunneling). It is also estimated that approximately 80% of property fires of unknown origin are the result of rats or mice chewing through the wiring in the walls and other electrical appliances.

Rodent Control BD

Rodent control BD also becomes essential to ensure the health and safety of humans. These pests are known to be responsible for over 50 types of diseases (bacterial, viral and parasitic) such as food poisoning, rat bite fever, intestinal worms, and Hantavirus. Also, rats and mice bit people.

Preventing rats and mice infestation means maintaining excellent levels of sanitation in your home or business property.

Rats and Mice Control in BD

Dry master Pest Control Services has a proven track record in eliminating the menace of rats and mice from homes as well as business properties.

Successful elimination requires a good working knowledge of mice and rats and a keen eye to identify their locations within the property in question. The treatment begins with a thorough inspection to clearly determine the extent of the problem and also identify entry points. This process facilitates a totally customized solution for each home or business. The treatment methods utilized are technologically advanced, proven effective and low-impact.

Once the mice or rats are successfully removed, we will also help you ensure that you keep them out of your property for good. Mice proofing, also known as mouse exclusion is a technique employed to seal and close all openings that mice and rats may use to enter your property. Even small openings, through which a wooden pencil can be stuck into, will be utilized by mice to squeeze through. Even if the opening is too small for mice and rats, if they can find an edge, they will gnaw on it to make the hole bigger. All of these holes need to be closed up to ensure these pests don’t return.

Our Rodent Control BD solutions include a thorough inspection to locate all potential entry points and using a variety of products and methods to mouse-proof your property for good. These techniques include:

  • Installation of door sweeps, thresholds, and sheet metal barriers
  • Caulking and screening gaps and openings