Ant Control Service

Bangladesh, due to its hot climate, is home to approximately 2,000 species of ants, of which only a few are considered as pests. However, given the large numbers found in a typical nest, their existence in or around your property can make things unpleasant.

The need for ant control in BD may arise in your premises when their nests are disturbed due to rain or during dry weather when they venture out to find sources of water. Another factor that attracts ants indoors is poor hygiene conditions and leftover foods. In the context of the outdoors, ants prefer sandy areas, pavers and garden spots.

Unlike termites, ants do not attack the timber, but can cause numerous problems for property owners.

The Importance of Ant Control in BD

Ants are a source for concern most importantly if the species concerned has a sting, as in the case of fire ants. Although most ant species are generally harmless, the stings of fire ants can cause blisters and rashes, which under extreme conditions can spark severe and or fatal allergic reactions. This risk is higher in the case of pets and children as they do not know enough to stay away from ant nests.

ant control in  BD

Also, the very sign of ants moving along in long lines along the walls indicate unhygienic environments (hence the presence of the ants). This can be detrimental for a business’s well-being as customers will start forming negative opinions about the enterprise.

Ants can also invade areas of your house and turn aggressive when you try to utilize those spaces.  They may also end up causing damage to agricultural plants and possibly attack young livestock.

The main indicator of your property having an ant infestation problem is the sight of ants roaming about in queues with bits of material between their mandibles. These ants are foraging and are in search of food to stock up in their nest. Another strong symptom of an ant problem is the appearance of a substance called “frays” (looks like sawdust and may contain insect parts and bits of soil). “Frays” is usually found below nest openings, indicating that tunnels have been bored into the wood by the ants. When you notice this material, simply tap against the area and you will realize that it sounds hollow. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear clicking sounds which the responses are made by the alarmed ants.

Ant Control process in BD

With Dry master, effectiveness begins with a thorough inspection of the property to ascertain the exact nature of the infestation. Our Ant control in BD expert team will initially inspect areas of your property that seem to be entry points for ants. Some of the most typical entry points are:

  • Cracks and crevices near the bathroom, kitchen and laundry areas
  • Window sills and doorways
  • Beneath plant pots
  • Cracks in the driveway
  • Around trees
  • Near garbage bins
  • Any other area where the presence of “frass” is noticed

Ants’ nests are usually found within close proximity to the above-mentioned areas of the region and they are also our prime focus when implementing our ant control in BD solutions. Since 80% of the ant population doesn’t leave the nest, the total eradication of the pests depends on locating the nest/colony. Our experts specialize in locating pests and use the latest technology to eliminate the colony effectively.